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The Most Successful Printing Companies in the World

When you think about the industry of printing, a common thought to pop in one’s mind is a standard printer, like the one you’d find in an office or home, that uses a computer-like system to process information and uses ink to print it out on a piece of paper. It could either be done in colour or more professionally, in black and white.

Printing machines have always come in big and small. The average person uses these machines to print out documentation or ideas on paper, but also many other types of materials, such as packaging, marketing material and the anything related to the promotion or upkeep of their company. One can even print out maps or pictures. On a bigger scale, however, it has changed the way information is processed throughout the years.

Not only that, but it has also translated into books, manuals, journals and clothing. There is a whole separate printing industry which focuses on printing on materials that are fit for wholesale in the fashion industry, both at a macro and micro scale.

The moment you start to realise the very importance of the printing industry, you’ll begin to understand, just why digital printing companies are considered to be some of the most successful businesses in the world. It is true, even though printing is predicted to die-down in the future, it seems that it might somewhat evolve into different aspects of business, rather than be eliminated as an industry of its own.

How does $980 billion in revenue sound to the global printing market?

It sounds like, even with the digital shift, they are doing just fine.

That’s thus incredible news to all printing companies, especially to those who have obtained massive success over the years. The printing industry is no mickey-mouse type of business; it’s instead something that enhances many other sectors, such as mentioned, the fashion industry. It has also played a significant role in the evolution of marketing in all industries. Even though traditional printing is thought to decrease, the digital printing industry has created more opportunities for companies to be successful than ever before.

The Biggest, Most Successful Printing Businesses Globally

Even though there are many environmental issues related to the printing industry, including the mass production of paper, which results in deforestation at a larger scale, there are still many digital companies that continue to push forward with both the traditional methods and digital methods of printing. It might also be the case for years to come.

Some of the most successful printing businesses include Banta Corporation, BDT AG, Arko Custom, Browne & Co, Camelot Ghana, CSS Industries, Cenveo Inc, Wildfire Publishing, Sun Media, Vista Print World Colour Press Inc, Consolidated Graphics, Confetti Media and many more.

Common Problems Solved by Graphics Designers

Over the years, graphics designers have solved a broad spectrum of problems, and that is why they are referred to as some industries natural problem-solvers. It is because graphics are trained to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and strive to perfect their projects every single time.

They can thus solve a problem uniquely and excitingly, which is deemed somewhat impossible for others. Graphics designers play an incredibly significant role in everything from the process of marketing to maintaining and even increasing, sales to add to the annual increase and success of a company’s hard work.

Problems in Business Solved by Graphics Designers

There is a place for graphics designers in every business that has some marketing department. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or only consists out of one person, there’s a need for graphics designers in most industries all over the world.

  • Company Branding

It’s hard to establish your brand and keep the motivation, proper communication and interaction with your customers, as well as your potential customers, without the expertise of a graphic designer. How you establish and carry out your brand is everything, and many companies make a mistake to not invest in one at all. Investing in the proper branding is the best possible way to go about achieving success in business.

  • Lead Conversations

When companies start out, they generally have no clue how to attract customers to their website. When graphics designers are employed, however, there is a change that occurs, which looks a little like a sudden explosion of traffic driven to your website. If a design is about bringing effectivity and relatability to your brand, as well as your customer base, then all you must do is hire a graphics designer.

  • First Impressions that Stick

First impressions are critical in business. Of course, nowadays, we can all try to design our logos, choose and edit our company website or social media pages’ photos and posts all by ourselves, but graphic designers know what the audience is looking for and are trained to keep society interested, which also aids in the success in most companies.

  • Solutions to All Your Problems

In business, there are many problems brands are faced with daily, and while you can’t seem to think how a graphics designer can help your brand, he or she are trained to come up with a variety of ideas and solutions to solve problems. The same goes for replacing ideas that don’t work and creating those that will relate the most to what you’re looking for.

  • They Work to Save You Money

When you’ve got a company of your own, of course, you can do with a little more cash. Even though you’ll be paying to hire a graphics designer, you’ll save a lot of money on projects that don’t work. Investing in quality design with a professional will also allow for longevity within the company, which will ensure fewer expenses going forward.


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